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Sunan Therapist Julie Turner is taking a well deserved sabbatical from her practice. If you would like to contact a therapist, please take a look at the pages of our other therapists.


Sunan Therapy has been an important part of my own healing process. When I was introduced to the healing energy of the Sunan process for the first time I cried. When I underwent Sunan Therapy for myself, I can tell you there were profound changes in myself at all levels of my being.  I was more at peace with myself than I had ever been in my life, and had more awareness of what I was in the process of creating for myself.

I attended Soul Search at the Sattva Institute in 1993. After a period of intense and accelerated personal growth, I entered the Sunan therapist Internship and became a Sunan Therapist in 1996.

Sunan is a gentle, loving, growth oriented, spiritual and deeply moving therapy. It is unique and incomparable to most anything else I have experienced.  It is a great adventure to learn more about yourself and get a glimpse of all the wonder that you are. I learned that I am never alone, and that is a great comfort to me.