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"Christine"* was hungering deeply for something spiritual in her life. She has found it now, with help from the Sunan method of healing resolution through unconditional love.

As a result of her first three sessions of Sunan therapy, Christine has learned a major spiritual lesson.

"Sunan really helped me to let go," she explained. "I know my truth now and no longer feel the need to confront anyone or force things."

She also said Sunan therapy helped her take back her power and reconnect to the universe. "I feel spiritually cemented now," she said. As a result of her work reclaiming her power during Sunan therapy, Christine has experienced a significant reduction in her anxiety level. "Life is not that difficult or scary anymore."

Christine, who was 36 in 1996, is a traditional therapist who lives and works in Dallas. She's certified at the state and national level as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor, and state licensed as a chemical dependency counselor. Her clients are people affected in some way by chemical dependency.

She also has been working on her own issues since 1980. She credits Alcoholics Anonymous literally with saving her life. "Drugs and alcohol were killing me," she recalled. Other support groups, such as Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, helped her confront issues of sexuality and shame. She made major personal breakthroughs.

In addition, she undertook residential treatment twice and went to numerous therapists in her efforts to heal herself. And while she made significant progress, she could also tell that something was missing.

Finally, in early 1996, it all came crashing down on her. Nothing felt right to her anymore, and she stopped attending her support groups. She also stopped taking care of herself and gained 30 lbs. She was raging inside.

Not surprisingly, her relationship of three years disintegrated, leaving her devastated. It was no longer enough to tell herself, "It's my addict."

Christine also couldn't understand how she could feel like she was back to Square One after all those years of effort and struggle. "I felt so isolated, so lost," she said.

A friend had told Christine about the Sunan method some time ago. Overwhelmed by pain, and desperate for resolution she had not been able to find through other therapies, Christine turned to Sunan therapy.

One issue she resolved was a past-life decision not to allow anyone to be close to her emotionally. Christine was astonished to find that her Sunan therapist was with her emotionally throughout each session, perceiving her experiences even as she was.

"She was feeling things as I was seeing them," Christine said.

Christine also reclaimed a great deal of her personal power, with help from her Sunan therapist as well as from her guides.

Our own guides play an active role during every Sunan sessions we undertake. It is our guides, and not our Sunan therapist, who determine the issues we face in each therapy session.

"Sunan therapy helped me reclaim a part of myself I had never tapped before," Christine explained. "That deep ache is gone."

After her Sunan sessions, she found that she let go of enough of her self-censorship to start to paint and draw for the first time in her life. She had hated art while growing up. Art now brings her great joy and peace.

Christine's life is by no means perfect. She still has more issues to address and resolve. Through the Sunan method of healing resolution, however, Christine has found strength she never knew she had and real freedom.

"Sunan therapy helped me reclaim my power of choice. I had totally lost it," Christine said. "It feels so good just to go with the flow. It's really clear to me now that people can't hurt me anymore."

*Christine is a fictitious name used to ensure this client's privacy.