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A Home for AspectsThis therapy can be done as one stand-alone session that lasts at least a couple of hours. Aspect therapy also often blends with other Sunan therapies at the discretion of our guides and the Sunan Society.

Despite the talk about the "wounded child" within, most of us don't yet realize that the inner child symbolizes the emotional body. We also don't realize that self-judgment is what keeps the emotional part of our being a needy, vulnerable child while the rest of self matures. 

The inner child is but one of seven Aspects of self. The physical, mental and spiritual parts of our being also have Aspects. It is not possible to heal the inner child without the help of all six other Aspects. Combined with other Sunan therapies, Aspect therapy helps grows the inner child into a healthy, joyous inner adult capable of nurturing all of self.

Aspect therapy transpires at the very core of our consciousness, within a place we call the Garden. The Garden is where all of self - the consciousness (Aspects) of the spiritual body, the emotional body, the mental body and even of the physical body - can come together.

The goal of Aspect therapy is to help bring all seven Aspects of self back into cooperation and harmony with each other within the Garden. They can remain united in the Garden, however, only if we begin the process of releasing the many self-judgments that have separated the Aspects from each other. Self-judgment also has scattered our Aspects out of the Garden, and as a result, we feel their longing to return.