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Sattva Institute Co-founder
Lancaster, Texas
(972)218-5422 or
(888)860-8595 toll free

True healing is far more an art than a science. And the essence of the healer's art is offering hope. That is one of the most important things I have learned since becoming a Sunan therapist in 1988. And the wonder and grace of being a Sunan therapist is it gives me an astonishingly simple means to find and live my own hope for self, and to offer to others the chance to discover within them their own hope for self.

On the surface, nothing in my background prepared me to be a healer. I have been a journalist and professional writer since 1976. I was a regular contributor to Spirit Speaks magazine until it ceased publication.

But as I look back over the years, the topics and issues that always have interested me most as a writer, a human being and a created soul have been about some aspect of healing. By that, I mean either about making our world a better place in some small way, or about healing the pain in our individual lives.

For example, I developed and wrote a monthly column about volunteers in 1976 -- two decades before our government decided to exhort us to do more volunteering. (How many of those politicos crowding the volunteerism bully pulpit actually do any volunteer work themselves?) The very next year I wrote about teen alcoholism -- again, way before Mothers Against Drunk Driving took up its anti-alcohol crusade.

Healing personal pain was critical for me when I first met Jana Simons back in 1986. My story about my first four sessions of Sunan therapy contains the gory details for those who are interested. Oh, all right -- the details really aren't gory but there are a lot of them, so be warned.

Suffice it to say here that I did not even realize how desperately ill I was until after I had resolved a few family issues and experienced the instantaneous healing change in my life brought about by release of self-judgment through the Sunan resolution method.

I didn't have to struggle and strain through years of self-analysis or meditation to experience this personal healing. Once I gave up some of my self-judgments, emotional and spiritual healing occurred naturally and automatically for me.

Today I continue as a client to heal even deeper issues through the Sunan Method, and still I find its power and simplicity utterly amazing. Another important thing I have learned through personal experience: healing self is not as complicated, protracted or painful as our society has made it out to be. Apparently it is possible for an old dog to learn new tricks.

One thing is tough about healing self, however. It's tough making that commitment to self and remaining firm in it. It's tough deciding we want to reclaim and live our own personal truth -- which is our hope -- more than we want anything else. More than we want to see the latest movie. More than we want to be president of General Motors. More than we want that "dream" vacation or to be popular among our peers. More than anything.

There's a whole world out there only too eager to tell us that seeking to find and live our personal truth is narcissistic, selfish and somehow unspiritual. Hogwash. If we do not seek to know and love self better, we have nothing but our pain and misery to offer to others. Is that truly what we want to give them? I don't think so, yet I know that's pretty much all I had to offer until I began to heal and grow. Most of you reading these words would have found me arrogant and intense if you had met me before I started on my path of personal healing resolution. I didn't mean to be like that, but I had too many fears and too much unresolved pain to be any other way. Not anymore.

Those who come to me for healing through the Sunan Method had best be prepared for a few giggles. The members of the Sunan Society who work with me during each session as well as my own guides are highly attuned to the absurd. We also know from experience that humor often helps us move past our fear of the dark unknown into the light of greater self-awareness and self-love.

I also want you -- my client -- to take the lead in your healing sessions. I am here to support you with my love and offer a perspective on the issues of your life that perhaps you had not considered before.

But I claim no magic healing wand to make your pain simply vanish without your participation -- even if I did play a fairy godmother in a college theater production. My magic healing wand works only for me. I am here to help you find your own magic healing wand within you. Yes indeed we all do have them; it's a matter of knowing where to look.