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When you understand your psychic strengths and weaknesses,
each day becomes an adventure...
--From You Are Psychic! by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

There are many names for the soul senses, which are the expanded, nonmaterial perceptive abilities of our spiritual and emotional bodies. During any of the Sunan therapies, when we are meeting our guides or meditating, we are making active, conscious use of our soul senses.

The soul senses are known collectively as intuition, hunches, gut feelings or psychic abilities. Science uses the word instinct while parapsychologists refer to the soul senses as psi. Traditional metaphysical texts allude to clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, meaning "clear seeing," "clear hearing" and "clear feeling," respectively.

Actually, there are four soul senses that Sunan therapists know about, and possibly more. What has been lumped together as clairsentience we have found to be two information channels, not just one. We prefer to call the four soul senses by the individual names of soul vision, soul understanding, soul feeling and soul awareness.

All of us possess all four soul senses, which are as normal and natural to us as are the physical senses. When we are very young children, our soul senses function much more clearly and we readily perceive nonmaterial realities such as our "invisible friend." This friend is usually our protector, one of our core group of angels.

As soon as well-meaning but misguided adult tells us that our companion is merely imaginary and therefore not real, we begin to deny the nonphysical information we perceive through our soul senses. They shut down. We become limited to the information we can perceive solely through our physical senses and mental body.

As a result, the world is a much scarier and less certain place. Without information from the soul senses, we are flying emotionally and spiritually blind. We cannot perceive others' motivation and intent toward us. We're never certain how they really feel about us. We have no way to talk with our guides and benefit from their love, wisdom and support. And we have no way of knowing before what kind of reality we are creating for ourselves.

Happily, it is possible to relearn how to make deliberate use of the four soul senses. Once we recognize what they are, where they come from and how they operate in our daily lives, our nonphysical perceptive abilities no longer seem strange or weird. Instead, we find out how practical our intuition can be on the job and in our personal lives, and wonder how we ever managed without it.

Classes are available from many organizations. The Sattva Institute, which trains Sunan therapists, offers ongoing workshops and seminars in consciously using the four soul senses. Most of these are experiential. This means we don't just talk about the soul senses. We do it: we experience what it's like to use our soul senses consciously and deliberately to obtain nonmaterial information about self and others.

One excellent and quick (just one session) way to experience obtaining information through the soul senses and to establish a daily relationship with our angels is a meet-our-guides meditation. Contact any of the Sunan therapists listed on this website for a meditation appointment.