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Intuitive Art: In the GardenThere comes a point in our efforts to heal our pain and grow spiritually when we don't know what to do next. We have resolved many deep-seated issues with self through Sunan therapy, Past-Life resolution, Aspect therapy and Contra-vow therapy. We may also have worked on numerous issues using many other kinds of approaches.

Yet something still seems to be missing. We are still deeply troubled by certain recurring issues. Until we resolve these issues, we might not ever find true peace and harmony within ourselves and our Gardens and in our daily lives.

What's missing is the next step in healing resolution: resolving our issues with God and restoring our relationship with our Creator. Our issues with God are so deeply buried and denied that we cannot even begin to address them until we have made significant progress in freeing ourselves of self-judgments in many areas of our being.

Self-judgment is precisely what has us believing that God has judged us, or abandoned us and doesn't care anymore, or doesn't even exist. Self-judgment also has many of us convinced that God and heaven are somewhere "out there" separate from us, unknowable and unreachable to those of us in physical bodies.

Sunan therapists' own healing experience tells us otherwise. We know we are connected directly to our Creator through our own Gardens. To take this next step in healing resolution, we focus on our own Gardens. From there we move into God's Garden, the very essence of our Creator.

During God's Garden therapy, we take an active role in healing conversations with God. Gently and lovingly, we explore our deepest issues with our Creator. As we resolve those issues, our relationship with God becomes much more personal and less abstract. We begin to feel our connection to our Creator even while fully conscious. Fears that we never have been able to let go of simply slip away. We experience within our being and our lives the utterly profound healing resolution also known as the peace of God.