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The Role of Angels in Healing Resolution

Also known by the metaphysical term spirit guides, angels have made an enormous comeback these days -- far bigger than any celebrity could hope to stage. Angels are hot. Angels star in their own weekly TV program. Angels are in best-selling books. Angels grace the covers of national magazines. Angels are the subjects of numerous newspaper and magazine articles around the country. Angels even have their own nationally distributed newsletter and a catalog devoted exclusively to mail-order angelic merchandise.

For the most part, angels seem to show up only when we're in great physical danger and desperate for help. In a state of peril, we are more willing to dispense with the denial we develop as we grow up and become "well-adjusted" members of society. Having set aside denial at least temporarily, we are then better able to perceive our guides' presence.

Sunan therapists take a practical rather than heroic view of angels/guides, however, because our own guides insist that we do so. For starters, they tell us, angels/guides are by no means perfected. They don't have all the answers. They are growing, evolving souls just like those of us on planet earth.

The biggest difference between angels/guides and we who are in physical bodies is just that: angels don't have physical bodies, at least not at this point. They may have had them and walked on planet earth in years gone by or perhaps will do so in what we physical beings quaintly refer to as the future. Our angels most definitely believe in reincarnation, and we share that belief based on our experiences with healing resolution.

Another point of confusion about angels is how many of them are available to us. Many people refer to a guardian angel in the singular. But most of us have more than one. We have found some clients with as few as two and others with as many as eight members of what we call their core group of angels/guides.

When souls make the decision to return to this plant and take on a physical body, they claim a spiritual purpose for the lifetime. Such a purpose might be to heal, to teach or to show love by example. There are many purposes from which to select.

This choice of purpose attracts to that soul a host of other souls who also desire to serve the same purpose but not in physical form. From among these volunteers, the soul heading for earth chooses nonphysical companions to help that soul recall and serve its chosen purpose while in a physical body. These souls become the person's core group.

The number of guides in a core group also depends on the lessons that person chooses for the lifetime. Souls often select specific guides for their expertise in certain areas, such as healing or teaching, or for help with a certain lesson, such as learning greater patience or to love self less conditionally.

All the hoopla about angels' dramatic rescues obscures something very critical. Angels are with us for a lot more than only physical protection. If we reestablish> communication with them and allow them to help us, angels/guides have a great deal to contribute to our progress in healing resolution. They certainly play a major role in Sunan therapies. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only therapy that is actively "directed" by angels.

Years of experience as Sunan therapists has taught us that it simply is impossible to assess from a waking state precisely what issues a particular client is prepared to face and resolve, and what that client is not prepared to handle at any given time. Such an evaluation is not the function of a Sunan therapist in the first place.

Instead, it is our guides who determine the contents of each session of Sunan therapy that we undertake. Our angels do so because they know us better than anyone, even us, especially when judgment against self has so separated self from self that we no longer have any conscious recollection of certain events or issues.

As an example, Lana was a 46-year-old public relations executive. In talking with her Sunan therapist prior to her therapy sessions, Lana was convinced that her issues would be with her mother and her former husband. Her therapist responded by suggesting that Lana remain open to whatever information they received together.

During her second session of Sunan therapy, Lana was utterly astonished to find herself dealing with her father. She had absolutely no conscious memory of issues with her father, but they were critical to the healing resolution she required at that time.

Another key function of our angels during Sunan therapy is to lend their enormous and profound ability to love in support of the entire process. Guides act as boosters for the flow of unconditional love that is present throughout each therapy session and that enables us to face and resolve our issues without experiencing pain or trauma.

That love-flow has been known throughout the ages by many names. Hindus call it prana, the life-force. The Chinese long ago named it chi. Christians refer to it as agape or divine grace. As they participate in Sunan therapy, angels truly are ministers of grace.

Flowing from our Creator through angels to the Sunan therapist, and through the therapist to the client, grace unites all participants in healing resolution. This means that in Sunan therapies, we do not face our issues without direct and active emotional support from our angels.

We can also take advantage of our angels' love and support on a daily basis if we learn to communicate with them. One excellent way to jump-start this process is a meet-our-guides meditation.

Meeting our guides is a Sunan technique because it is conducted in the subjective altered state. It is usually less intense than addressing our issues, but is no less beneficial.

We meet our guides with assistance of a Sunan therapist during a shared,
subjective-altered-state meditation. This meditation enables us to become reacquainted with our angels. Most likely we have shared other lives on earth with one or more of them.

Meeting our guides also gives us the chance to find out what their names are and each guide's function in our core group. Our Sunan therapist is with us for support and assistance, but encourages us to obtain as much information as we can through our own intuitive (soul) senses so that we are able to establish the beginnings of a daily partnership with our guides.

Meeting guides takes roughly two hours and is conducted in private. To meet your guides, contact any Sunan therapist listed on this website for a meditation appointment.