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The Alchemist's Handbook
by John Randolph Price
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comIn The Alchemist's Handbook you will learn that the purpose of the alchemical process is to change our thinking and feeling natures; move up to a higher frequency in consciousness, know what we want in life, clear channels for Spirit, and get us back into the natural order of the universe. We can clean up our past, remove our ego projections on others, begin to think and feel more clearly, and use our active imagination in a more productive way. By embracing the alchemical process you can begin to express yourself more constructively. You can begin to bring more love, joy, peace, harmony, and contentment into your life.

Applied Magic
by Dion Fortune
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comApplied Magic (revised edition) is a selection of Dion Fortune's writings on the practical applications of magical and esoteric techniques. She explains that everyone has the ability to access the invisible planes of existence (mind and spirit) which cannot be perceived with the physical senses. This book provides invaluable guidance to anyone intent on increasing their awareness. This revised edition includes a glossary that defines terms used in the study of the Western Mystery Tradition. This new edition includes an introduction by Gareth Knight.

Aspects of Occultism
by Dion Fortune
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comWhen Dion Fortune wrote Aspects of Occultism, 'occultism' was an umbrella word used to describe hidden lore, secret traditions, and arcane knowledge. Today the word 'occult' is often confused with the word 'cult' and all of its negative aspects. Fortune's essays could more accurately be referred to as 'esoteric studies'. In this book she discusses evocative magic, the sites of Druid worship, parallels between Christianity and the Qabalah, the astral plane, auras, spiritual healing, power cycles, and our relationship to our higher selves. This revised edition includes a new introduction by Gareth Knight, an additional essay by Fortune ('The Myth of the Round table'), and an index.

The Training and Work of an Initiate
by Dion Fortune
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comThe Training and Work of an Initiate (revised edition) shows how, from ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Qabalistic roots, the Western Esoteric Systems have an unbroken initiatory tradition that has been handed down from adept to neophyte. You will discover how initiates prepare body, mind, and spirit for the challenging journey that is the esoteric path. This book is filled with accessible information and is presented in such a way so that 'even that which the smallest cup can carry away is the true water of life'. This revised edition contains a new foreword by Gareth Knight and an index.

Esoteric Orders and Their Work
by Dion Fortune
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comPeople have been fascinated by secret traditions since the beginning of time. Fraternal brotherhoods and sisterhoods and secret orders of varying degrees exist in every country, race, and religion. Dion Fortune in Esoteric Orders and Their Work gets to the root of exactly what esoteric orders are, leaving no stone unturned. Today in the centers of the civilized world there is a renewed interest in esoteric schools. Although they may be misunderstood by many, some of the noblest people have been among their advocates. This book removes the shroud of mystery and fear from esotericism and makes the Western Mystery Tradition accessible to anyone who has ever been curious about this fascinating spiritual path. This revised edition includes a new foreword by Gareth Knight and an index.

A New Kind of Relationship
by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra L. Stone, Ph.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comThis newest book from groundbreaking therapists Hal and Sidra Stone shows us how to turn our relationships into true partnerships or 'joint ventures' in which we discover how to balance our need for relationship with our need for individuality. We learn how to relinquish judgment, improve decision-making and communication, celebrate sensuality and sexuality, and include children in our lives without sacrificing our own relationship.

This practical and inspiring guide shows us how to keep the magic in our relationship alive and how to embrace the lessons that relationship has to teach us. This book is for anyone who wants an intimate relationship that includes passion, love, and romance.

Reiki for Beginners
by David F. Vennels
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comMillions worldwide have already benefited from the peaceful healing intelligence of Reiki. Now you can learn the basic principles of this simple hands-on technique in Reiki for Beginners. Unravel your inner mysteries, heal your wounds, and discover your potential for great happiness. Follow Reiki's development from Dr. Mikao Usui's search for a universal healing system in the 1800's to today's global Reiki community. You will find many new ideas, techniques, philosophies, and meditations that you can use to deepen and enhance your practice.

Some of the topics discussed are the cause and cure of disease, the twelve hand positions of Reiki, how to prepare for Reiki attunements, self-treatment, treating others, meditation techniques, anecdotes and advice from Reiki practitioners, and the history of Reiki.

Aristotle Would Have Liked Oprah
by Ethel Diamond
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comAncient wisdom for modern-day life. How would Plato ask for a raise? Would Socrates send a cranky kid for a time out? And why would Aristotle like Oprah? By gaining an understanding of the great philosophers and their ideas, you can apply their insights to your own life and better understand yourself and the world around you. But wait! This is not your father's philosophy book! By linking the teachings of great thinkers to today's celebrities and cultural icons, this lighthearted and informative book makes philosophy accessible and fun. For instance, you will learn how to avoid faux pas and make yourself seem like an Einstein (literally!) by reciting the words of these superior minds. 'There are no facts, only interpretations' - Your reply to the boss when he asks for the report you don't have, courtesy of Nietzche. 'I am the self which I will be, in the mode of not being it' - How you justify breaking a New Year's resolution, courtesy of Sartre. 'Character is that which can do without success' - What to say when your friend gets fired, courtesy of Emerson. You will also learn how 'Bacon Brings it Home', how 'Kant Not Only Can, He Did', and why 'Heidegger Digs Seinfeld'. Whether you already know that Plato is not a pliable children's toy, or you think that Voltaire is a new line of luxury car, you will find this book to be an enlightening read and a source of advice whenever you need a direction.

The Magic of Shapeshifting
by Rosalyn Greene
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comShapeshifters are people with animal medicine, people who can connect with and use their animal powers. Those with access to this magical power can shift mentally, astrally, or even physically into their power animal or totem. Rosalyn Greene's ability to to shift, both mentallt and astrally, combined with her extensive study of secret shapeshifting folklore has resulted in this fascinating examination of all aspects and forms of shifting.

This unique book helps to realize your full potential through the process of shapeshifting. Detailed explanations are given about how the various forms of shapeshifting occur. Powerful visions, anxiety attacks, and imagination are compared to authentic shapeshifting. According to Greene, there can be risks and perils on both the physical and psychic levels when you pursue the path of a shifter. Potential dangers associated with various shifting practices are carefully outlined.

Shapeshifting is a spiritual journey; a demanding but rewarding one. It links us with both the fundamental power of animals (nature) and with the higher self. It has a purpose and a reality far beyond simply using shifter abilities for earthly benefits. It can lead us through the unseen veil that separates our egos from our true selves.

The Sacred Magic of the Angels
by David Goddard
Review by Walter Parrish

To an occultist, magic has a much different meaning than it has for most other people. The books here are about magic in the occult sense. here is an excerpt from the introduction to David Goddard's The Sacred Magic of the Angels to clarify the occult meaning of Magic.

     "The student of occultism knows that the power of causation lies in the inner levels of being. What is brought about on the inner levels will automatically, by universal dynamics, seek to manifest upon the physical plane. So what appears to the uninitiated as "magic" is really the science of applying little-known laws, whereby things are brought into manifestation seemingly out of nowhere. Most people think that the physical plane is reality, and if they think of inner levels at all, they image them as rather insubstantial and vague. Whereas in truth, the inner levels are very real and they give birth to the physical.
     Anyone who has had direct experience of the inner planes knows this. Whether through a near-death experience or by using a consciousness-raising technique (meditation, astral projection, shamanic spirit travel, ore deep pathworking), they have briefly seen the power, the beauty, and the wonder of the inner levels of existence of which the physical world is but a shadow.
     This is not to decry the physical level, or to advocate escape from it - for matter, like everything else, is divine in origin and physicality is the garment of the Eternal. But many confuse the garment with That which wears it."

Go to Amazon.comHopefully, the excerpt quoted above has piqued your interest in this very practical guide to Angel Magic. He introduces the seven archangels of the Elohim, the seven spirits before the throne of God and shows us how to call upon them and the archetypes that emanate from them to assist us on our Path of Return to the One Source, which is also known as the Great Work.

There is much information in this book that makes it useful to anyone on the path, regardless of how long you have been treading it. We are extremely fortunate that David Goddard has offered us this ancient Angelic tradition in written form. At a time when western society needs to reconnect with the Sacred for its own healing, this book provides a practical and very wise method of doing just that.

Simplified Magic
A Beginner's Guide to the New Age Qabala
by Ted Andrews
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comThis book introduces a system of magical working based on the Qabalah. As its name implies, it offers simplified explanations that serve as a basic introduction to an esoteric tradition that one can spend a lifetime exploring. Based on the Tree of Life with its ten sephira and twenty two paths between the sephira, readers are introduced to the symbolism of the Tree and the levels of consciousness that the symbols represent. Readers are also taught how to begin to use the symbols in magical work to attain what you want spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

More Simplified Magic
Pathworking and the Tree of Life

by Ted Andrews
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comThis is the sequel to Simplified Magic. It delves deeper into the mysteries of the Tree of Life. You are introduced to the magical technique of Pathworking for manifesting your dreams. You are shown how to open the Inner temples of your mind and the potentials of your soul. You discover how to create and use astral doorways. You explore the archetypal forces of the world. You build bridges to the spiritual realms of life. And you learn to use powerful tools for psychic protection.

Sefer Yetzirah
The Book of Creation

by Ted Andrews
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comThe Sefer Yetzirah is perhaps the oldest and least understood of all Kabbalistic texts. This translation was done by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, who brings its theoretical, meditative, and magical implications to light. When properly understood, the Sefer Yetzirah becomes an instruction manual for a very special type of meditation meant to strengthen concentration and to aid the development of psychic perception. These abilities were meant to help Kabbalists to perform feats that outwardly appeared magical.

This translation includes the meditation in five dimensions, the transition from Binah to Chakhmah consciousness, the point of infinity, kabbalistic astrology, Ezekiel's vision according to the Sefer Yetzirah, and the mystery of the 231 gates. Also included is a digest of major commentaries on the text of the Sefer Yetzirah and a bibliography of many of the major kabbalistic works that discuss it. This volume is the most complete work on the Sefer Yetzirah in English.

Anam Cara
A Book of Celtic Wisdom
by John O'Donohue
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to When Saint Patrick first came to Ireland in the fifth century A.D., he encountered the Celtic people and a flourishing spiritual tradition that had already existed for thousands of years. The Celts had a refined and passionate sense of the divine. The Celtic imagination articulates an inner friendship that embraces nature, divinity, the underworld, and the human world as one. The Celts never separated the visible from the invisible, time from eternity, or the human from the divine. Surviving to this day, the Celtic reverence for the soul in all things is a vibrant spiritual heritage unique in the Western world, one that is capturing the imagination of thousands of people as they rediscover the wisdom of the past and their own Celtic roots.

In Anam Cara, Gaelic for 'soul friend', John O'Donohue invites you into the magical and unobtrusive world of your own divinity; to that place in the soul where there is no distance between you and the eternal. The ancient wisdom, poetry, and blessings of Celtic spirituality will awaken and grace the beauty of your heart's landscape. Exploring such themes as the mystery of friendship, the spirituality of the senses, the brightness within solitude, work as the poetics of growth, aging as the art of inner harvesting, and death as eternal homecoming, this book will encircle your heart with Celtic benediction.

Nutrition in a Nutshell
Build Health and Slow Down the Aging Process
by Bonnie C. Minsky
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comNutrition in a Nutshell offers ten nutritional concepts that build health and slow down the aging process. based on the latest scientific research as well as the author's fifteen years of experience as a nutritional consultant, here is a friendly, informative, and comprehensive approach to enhanced health through diet and supplementation. Learn how to feel and look great as you build your overall understanding of food and implement your personalized 'Feel Like a 10' food plan.

Dreaming the Council Ways
True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge
by Ohky Simine Forest
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comIn Dreaming the Council Ways, Ohky Simine Forest integrates diverse matriarchal native teachings - from Mohawk, Iroquois, and other Canadian Indian traditions, as well as Mongolian and Mayan shamanic ways - to create a modern healing synthesis of the spiritual practices common to these disparate cultures. With profound insight and clarity, Ohky helps us rediscover the soil of the sacred Earth, where all races live together, and emerge with a way of life that respects the planet. She leads us on an inner journey into the red Lodge, which has been long misunderstood by the Western world. She initiates us into the underworld of power animal teachings. dreaming practices, native healing ways, and the shaman's tree of life, so we can learn the difference between real shamanism and the practices so often taught today. She explains the matriarchal path, and speaks of men and women coming together again, to live in harmony as they did in the past, with respect and care for each other. Dreaming the Council Way is a deep call to hear the Earth awakening in each of us, as foretold by ancient prophesies. These prophesies speak of the Medicine Wheel Way as an important alternative way to recreate our world and to learn respect for the Great Earth.



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