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Spirit Guides
We Are Not Alone
by Iris Belhayes
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Have you ever wondered if you have a guardian angel or a spirit guide? Perhaps you are already aware of entities that either help you or just hang around. This book sheds a great deal of light on the subject of spirit guides or guardian angels. Regardless of where you are in your own beliefs in relation to those of the author, you will find this book to be a help to you in your own search for answers.

Ms. Belhayes offers a number of ideas about the nature of spirit guides and how they relate to us. She also offers ideas about our own nature and how we relate to each other and to the universe. I personally do not agree with all that she has to offer, but I do respect the work that she has done to create many inteligent theories and explanations. Even where I disagree with her, I recognize that she and I may be seeing the same subject from different levels of experience and awareness. This book is the most comprehensive single source of information that I have found on the subject of spirit guides.

Earth Angels
Engaging the sacred in Everyday Things
by Shaun McNiff
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to By the time you finish this book, the term 'inanimate object' will no longer have a place in your vocabulary. The wonderous energies of everday things and the magic of everyday life will forever become a part of your awareness. In addition to angels and guides, McNiff introduces us to the soul's unattractive messengers whose mission may require offense, pain, or fear as a preparation for change and renewal. We are shown that all 'things' ensoul the divine presence. The quality of attention we bring to our daily lives determines how much of the divine essence we are able to experience.


Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui
Learn the Art of Space Clearing and Bring New Energy into Your Life
by Karen Kingston
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art of enhancing and harmonizing the flow of energy in your surroundings. Over the last twenty years, Karen Kingston has pioneered the study of a specialized branch of Feng Shui called Space Clearing. In this fascinating and easy-to-follow guide she shows how you can use Space Clearing and other principles of Feng Shui to enhance the flow of energy in your home or workplace and so create happiness and abundance in every area of your life.

You will learn how to clear 'stuck' energy and create sacred space, consecrate your home, create a clutter-free environment, simplify your life, safeguard yourself against electromagnetic and geopathic stress, and to place furniture, wind chimes, and other Feng Shui enhancements to create balance and harmony.

Our Stolen Future
Are We Threatening our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? - A Scientific Detective Story
by Theo Colborn, et. al.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to This book impressed me with the richness of detail and documentation that it uses to describe the ongoing and ever-increasing problem of pollution that threatens our very existence in all parts of the globe. It picks up where Rachel Carson's environmental classic, 'Silent Spring' leaves off. I quote from the promo at the front of the book: Over thirty years ago, Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' first warned that manmade chemicals had spread across the planet, permeating virtually every living creature and the most distant wilderness. her landmark book documented the deadly toll of these synthetic chemicals to birds and wildlife. Only now are we recognizing the full consequences of this insidious invasion, which is derailing sexual development and reproduction, not only in a host of animal populations but, it now appears, in humans as well.

If this book does not convince you to become an environmental activist, it will certainly motivate you to look for ways in which to reduce your own personal impact upon the environment.

Silent Spring
by Rachel Carson
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to So you say you haven't read 'Silent Spring' yet? Here's your chance to read a book that actually changed the course of history. this book has been credited with creating enough environmental awareness in the 1960's to spur revolutionary changes in government policy and give a clear voice to the environmental activism which was just beginning to emerge.

In the midst of her descriptions of the destruction and death of the environment, Rachel Carson reveals a sense of wonder and a celebration of life which she uses to engage the reader in a compelling and beautiful dance with the forces of nature. It is very hard indeed to read this story and not feel as though you are personally called to join in the battle to preserve our world for future generations to enjoy.

Talking with Nature
Sharing the Energies and Spirit of Trees, Plants, Birds, and Earth
by Michael J. Roads
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Michael Roads had always been close to nature, but one day when a river started talking to him, he began to doubt his sanity. There followed a series of encounters with the natural world, each more startling than the last. First it was the heron. Next it was the silence. Then it was a whole flock of birds. Finally he learned to let go and allow these presences to take him where they would.

After reading this book, you will never again wonder if nature can speak. It can and it does. This unique book may well expand your awareness of the special bond between man and his environment.


Voluntary Simplicity
Toward a Way of Life that is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich
by Duane Elgin
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to This book has been around since 1981, but the relevance of its message has kept it in print. This is a book about lifestyle choices that more and more people are beginning to discuss and to embrace. This is a book about living in balance, within ourselves and with our environment. It is not really about giving up our material comforts and conveniences, but rather is about making responsible choices that are more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

If you have been searching for a way to make your life simpler and more fulfilling, this book will give you much to think about and will give you a starting point with which to begin your own journey toward simplicity.

Friends and Family

Getting the Love You Want
A Guide for Couples
by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to In this book Hendrix is primarily addressing people who are in a relationship. He shows the psychological wounds and expectations we bring into our relationships without being aware of them. He calls this the 'unconscious' marriage. He provides exercises to help uncover what these wounds and expectations are. He then goes on to explain how to create what he calls the 'conscious' marriage where our unconscious needs are addressed by communicating to our partners what those needs are and then making conscious choices to meet as many of those needs in the relationship as possible. This book offers a very useful method of building better relationships. The ideas in this book are helpful regardless of the current state of your relationship.

Keeping the Love You Find
A Guide for Singles
by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to This book has a similar purpose to Hendrix's book 'Getting the Love You Want', but this one focuses on helping single people to find a loving and truly compatible partner to share their future. The techniques he describes help to identify the healthiest and most fully human aspects of our nature. This makes the fulfillment of our dreams absolutely achievable.

Whatever your past history, as a single person you are in an ideal situation to learn what you need to know and do what you can to improve your chances of finding and keeping love. Exercises are provided to help identify the needs and expectations you place on yourself and your potential partner. You are taught how to learn from your past relationships and how to achieve a mature, nourishing, and enduring love to enrich your life.

A New Kind of Relationship
by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra L. Stone, Ph.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comThis newest book from groundbreaking therapists Hal and Sidra Stone shows us how to turn our relationships into true partnerships or 'joint ventures' in which we discover how to balance our need for relationship with our need for individuality. We learn how to relinquish judgment, improve decision-making and communication, celebrate sensuality and sexuality, and include children in our lives without sacrificing our own relationship.

This practical and inspiring guide shows us how to keep the magic in our relationship alive and how to embrace the lessons that relationship has to teach us. This book is for anyone who wants an intimate relationship that includes passion, love, and romance.



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