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Healing Circles are one of the most profound spiritual experiences we can offer to one another.

One purpose of a Healing Circle is to help us resolve unfinished emotional and spiritual issues with loved ones no longer in a physical body. The circle of healing extends to all who participate in the reunion. Through personal experience we reaffirm the reality of survival beyond physical death. We also discover joyfully that it is never too late to say good-bye or "I love you."

  The other purpose of a Healing Circle is to meet a soul in the womb. Children are not born with instruction manuals. It is helpful for parents-to-be to get to know their child's personality and spiritual purpose for the life to come to support the child after birth.

  The institute will schedule a Healing Circle for anyone with a genuine need for grief resolution or to meet a child before birth. Any Sunan therapist listed on this website is also qualified to offer a Healing Circle .

  Healing Circles are scheduled by appointment and there is no fee for this service. Please call any Sunan therapist to discuss your request.