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Purpose and Background

Intuitive Art: In the GardenThe Sattva Institute was founded in 1986 by Jana Simons and Candace Talmadge. Its purpose is to help seekers of self master conscious use of their four intuitive (soul) senses. These senses are tools that help us grow into greater self-trust and learn less limited self-love.

The institute's purpose also is to help restore the balance between the analytical part of self, which we over-value, and the creative, intuitive aspect of our being, which we devalue. This balance becomes possible by using our soul senses to reclaim and experience all of self-the spiritual and emotional as well as the mental and physical.

Those looking for a guru need not apply. The institute's cofounders insist that students and clients take full responsibility for their own lives. The institute exists to offer practical, effective help to those who desire to know and love self more fully, and through self to know and love our Creator.

The word sattva is Sanskrit. In ancient Indian philosophical traditions, it represents the energy of goodness, purity, truth, harmony and happiness. We define these as personal, and believe that by consciously experiencing all of self, we learn to live our personal truth, our personal harmony, our personal tranquility and our personal goodness in our lives.

The links at the top of this page describe the courses and assistance available at the Sattva Institute. Those interested in becoming Sunan therapists should read about Soul Search and then switch to the pages that describe Sunan method training.


Students for either the internship or Soul Search and those coming for therapy or counseling who live outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area may schedule a flight to D/FW International Airport. Or they may fly into Dallas Love Field if they live within Texas or a state that is next to Texas and is served by Southwest Airlines.

If flying in to attend Soul Search or the internship, please note the time the class begins. Please plan to arrive no later than three hours before the start to leave time for flight delays and to drive from the airport to the institute. We will include directions on how to get to the institute in a confirmation letter that we mail as soon as we receive a deposit for the class.

We suggest taking either a taxi or the airport shuttle rather than renting a car because students do not need or use cars during their stays at the institute. Those flying in for therapy should let us know as much in advance as possible their flight number and arrival time. We'll do our best to meet them at the airport, schedules permitting.

Dress/Special Needs

Those attending Soul Search or the internship or staying over for
individual therapy should plan to dress comfortably and casually. Be
sure to bring swimwear to take advantage of the spa. Pack only clothes
and personal grooming items. The institute supplies the rest.

Those with special dietary needs should notify the institute one month in advance of the start date of their class and we will try to accommodate them as much as possible.


The total cost of the Sunan internship includes room, board, tuition for all four segments, a copy of the Sunan therapist's manual of theory and practice and the promotional brochure template. It does not include the cost of Soul Search, the price of which also covers room, board and tuition.

Participants may pay by cash or check for Soul Search and the Sunan internship. They may pay the entire cost of the internship up front, or the stated cost of each segment as they attend it.

Those attending Soul Search or the internship should send a $200 deposit to the institute about one month in advance of the starting date to hold their place. The balance for Soul Search and each session of the internship is due the day Soul Search or the internship segment begins.

Other classes, series, workshops, and discussion evenings at the Sattva Institute or at Overtones Bookstore must be paid by cash or check.

More about our Classes

Soul Search is a seven day class in residence at the Sattva Institute for those of us who know we have a purpose in this lifetime but need help in reclaiming it. The focus of Soul Search is conscious experience of the emotional and spiritual parts of our being.

Sunan Method Training is available to individuals who, upon completion of the Soul Search class and a personal interview, are accepted into the Sunan Therapist internship by the cofounders of the Sattva Institute. The purpose of the Sunan internship is to train Sunan therapists through extensive theoretical background in this powerful alternative psychotherapy as well as through practical experience in it.

Relationships is a series of classes designed to offer valuable insights into the significant relationships in our lives.

Life after Life is a series that explores what happens when we die.

A Communications workshop is offered to learn about using our soul senses for better communication.

Four Parts of Self is a series that reveals that we really are multidimensional beings.

Intuitive Art is offered to demonstrate how we can use art created through the soul sense of feeling to receive information about ourselves or others.

Intuitive and Inspirational Writing is a class that teaches how to use writing to receive information from our subconscious or from our guides or angels.

A Healing Circle is a type of grief resolution offered by Sunan Therapists to anyone in need of obtaining resolution or closure with a loved one who has recently passed on. It is also ideal for meeting souls in the womb prior to birth.

Many of us have questions about reincarnation, guides/angels and karma, among other topics. Occasionally the institute offers a low-cost, informal discussion on one of these subjects. Some of these include a film covering the topic.

Every so often, the institute schedules a no-cost evening of sharing, which is an open house. During these evenings, the cofounders discuss the classes, series, workshops, therapies and therapy training and answer any questions from those who attend. We also talk about the institute's philosophy and approach to spiritual growth. The point: more in-depth information for those thinking about attending events at the institute or scheduling therapy or intuitive counseling with any Sunan therapist.

For current prices, which are subject to change without notice, please contact Jana Simons or Candace Talmadge at the institute: sattva  @ sunan . com (no spaces).