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In addition to the five types of therapies based on the Sunan method of healing resolution through unconditional love, Sunan therapists offer three other types of therapies that do not use the subjective altered state of consciousness.


Intuitive Counseling  

Intuitive Counseling is useful in situations where a problem exists or a crisis has occurred. When the problem has become so overwhelming that one's choices are no longer clear, Intuitive Counseling can help you to see those options once more. This technique can also be quite effective for couples counseling.

Meet Your Guides  

Meet Your Guides is a light and joyful reunion between you and the spirit guides with whom you have chosen to work in this lifetime. The purpose of this encounter is to establish or strengthen the bonds of friendship and communication necessary to maintain a productive relationship.


We invite those interested in knowing more about the Sunan method, the various Sunan therapies, intuitive counseling or the Sunan Society to contact any of the Sunan therapists listed in this website. Those interested in Sunan training are welcome to contact the Sattva Institute.