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Intuitive Art: Golden Face of Manta the HealerSoul Search is for those of us who know we have a purpose in this lifetime but need help in reclaiming it. That purpose refuses to be ignored; it calls to us softly yet insistently. Perhaps our heart's desire is to be a healer and a channel of light. Maybe we simply want to live and express the spiritual and emotional aspects of our being in our daily lives.

The focus of Soul Search is conscious experience of the emotional and spiritual parts of our being. Through various techniques and exercises, we gain greater self-understanding and awareness as well as reclaim spiritual tools to use every day.

Here is some of what Soul Search covers:

Blending energies for healing and counseling; Chakra system in the human energy field; Grief resolution through psi sessions; Intuitive/inspirational writing; Meditations; Meeting our angels/guides to establish a daily partnership with them; Intuitive art; Reading the human energy field with guidance and direction; Transition bridge between physical and nonphysical life.

Soul Search is a focused week of self-growth and spiritual awakening. For six days and seven nights, students live at the institute. Classes start in the morning and continue through evening. Soul Search takes a hands-on, practical approach to experiencing all of self.

Although attending Soul Search involves a major commitment to and
investment in self, students usually find the rewards far surpass the cost.

Soul Search is required for those who desire to undertake the Sunan internship.