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Mind/Body Connection

Psychic Self Defense
by Dion Fortune
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comPsychic Self Defense, written in the 1930's, offers a vivid and detailed account of the phenomenon of "psychic attack". Anecdotal evidence is given along with the actual experiences of practicing occultists and parapsychologists to make a compelling case for this phenomenon.

The intention of this book is for the reader to learn how to construct imaginative and effective defenses against psychic attack, dependent upon the nature of the attack itself. Some of the types of attacks she describes are psychic vampirism, haunting, astral projection, and ceremonial magic. This book is credible, practical, and easy to follow. Anyone involved in metaphysical or occult practices should make themselves familiar with the information in this book.

The Isaiah Effect
Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy
by Greg Braden
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to The Isaiah Effect combines quantum physics with information from the Isaiah scroll, one of the most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls. His thesis is that prophecies of global catastrophe may represent only one of many future possibilities, and that we have the power to influence the outcome of these possibilities. he shows how the Isaiah scroll describes the science of how we choose our futures.

Tracing key words in the Isaiah text back to their original Aramaic language, Braden shows us how a method of prayer was lost to us in the West during centuries of Biblical editing. We are shown how this mode of prayer has been applied in a number of situations from ancient times. A compelling case is made for the effective use of prayer in influencing outcomes. We are shown how we can use this method of prayer in our lives today to create the world we want to live in tomorrow.

Gaia's Hidden Life
The Unseen Intelligence of Nature
compiled by Shirley Nicholson and Brenda Rosen
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to This is an interesting collection of articles that seem to show that scientific thought is beginning to embrace the concept that everything is alive, aware, and responsive. This collection surveys a wide range of views regarding the living intelligence of nature. Contributors include James Lovelock, father of the Gaia movement; Joan Halifax, anthropologist; Thomas Berry, Jesuit ecologist; Dorothy MacLean, co-founder of the Findhorn community; Serge King, Hawaiian shaman; and others. 

Offering new perspectives on new perspectives on the Native American, Celtic, Theosophical, and mystical Christian traditions, these essays unveil the seamless, interconnected web of life linking human beings and the natural world. This is an intriguing book that held my attention from cover to cover.

You Are Psychic!
An MIT Trained Scientist's Proven Program for Expanding Your Psychic Powers
by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to This is one of the first books on psychic ability that made any sense to me. After reading only a few pages of this book, I had made a number of insights into my inner life. I knew immediately that this book stood head and shoulders above other books on this subject.

In this valuable book, Pete Sanders introduces a system that shows you how to tap into your own psychic abilities at will to access limitless knowledge and control your own destiny. This book is full of information and techniques that have been taught to thousands of people through a course offered by Sander's Free Soul organization. Four psychic or soul senses - Soul Feeling, Soul Vision, Soul Hearing, and Soul Awareness - are introduced. The reader is guided in determining which senses are their strongest ones. We are taught to locate and to access the body's four psychic reception areas. Practical uses of these senses are discussed. These include improving your work environment, better relationships, stabilizing and healing body systems, and becoming more creative.

Vibrational Medicine
New Choices for Healing Ourselves
by Richard Gerber, M.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to When I first began working with the human energy field, this is the book I turned to for explanations about what I was experiencing. This is an encyclopedic reference work on subtle energy fields, Bach flower remedies, crystals, radionics, chakras, meditation, and homeopathy. It is a broad survey of the earlier research, current practices, and future possibilities existing in this field. I find myself going back to this book again and again for fresh insights.

Written in 1988 and updated in 1996, the references and notes which are included to document the information cited in this book are still a valuable resource for anyone wishing to learn more about subtle energies. The 1996 update is a report on advances made in this field since the book was first published.

Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century
The Complete Guide to Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation
by Richard Gerber, M.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comIt has been twelve years since Richard Gerber's Vibrational Medicine became an instant classic in the field of alternative medicine. This book builds upon the advances that have occurred in those twelve years and is destined to take it's place alongside Gerber's first book as a definitive guide to vibrational medicine.

The new frontiers of medicine are explored where the body is seen as a complex, integrated life-energy system that houses our soul and all of its creative expressions. The roles of consciousness and "thought-forms" in health and illness are explored. Vibrational healing modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, flower essences, color and light healing, magneto biology, radionics and distant healing, and hands-on healing are described and their benefits discussed. If you are interested in alternative medicine and want to know more about it, you need to be familiar with the material in this book.

The Body Electric
Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to I was pleasantly surprised recently to find that this 1985 classic is still in print. Along with Richard Gerber's 'Vibrational Medicine', this book remains one of the most definitive definitive studies on the human energy field. Dr. Becker is one of the pioneers in the study of the regeneration of body limbs and organs. The work that he describes in his book has moved this field from the realm of science fiction to scientific possibility.

When I first became interested in the human energy field, this was one of the first works I came across that made sense to me. it has opened a lot of doors for me and given me much insight into the energy work that I am currently involved in. I find myself referring to this book time and again. This book should be on your shelf if you are interested in learning about the human energy field.

You Forever
by T. Lobsang Rampa
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to This book was written by a Tibetan monk to teach people to use their psychic abilities. It covers a wide range of psychic topics, and it really only serves as a basic introduction to the subject. I was a teenager when I read this book for the first time. It both piqued my curiosity and frightened me. It would be several years before I would be able to seriously study psychic abilities, but I feel that this book planted many of the seeds that came to fruition when I decided I wanted to be a healer.

Some of the many topics this book covers are seeing and interpreting auras, astral projection, eliminating judgements, discovering and developing psychic abilities, dream work, and accessing the Akashic Record. His treatment may seem simplistic, and some of it may not ring true, but I guarantee that you will find challenges to your thoughts and beliefs throughout the book. This is a good introduction to the study of psychic abilities.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum
On the Mechanics of Consciousness
by Itzhak Bentov
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to I would only be halfway joking if I told you that I got most of my ideas about how the universe works from this book. It really is that good. Itzhak Bentov succeeds in offering many convincing explanations for how our consciousness is connected to a multidimensional universe. He is not only convincing, but is also very understandable and entertaining; and his illustrations are a hoot!

In clear and understandable language he theorizes about how time works, what consciousness is and how it works, and how intuitve knowledge works. He even speculates about the nature of our Creator. This is a highly readable and entertaining book that works on many different levels.

A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe
The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science
by Michael S. Schneider
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Michael Schneider combines science, philosophy, and common sense in a thoroughly novel and engaging way, showing us the world's wonder and harmony hidden in familiar places. He reveals a wisdom neither ancient nor New Age, but timeless. He shows us that when we know where to look, the principles that guide the construction of our world are plain to see. This book shows us where and how to look. The language of geometric design that underlies every level of the universe from atoms to galaxies is revealed. This eloquent language is translated for us into lyrical and elegant prose and eye opening illustrations. Abstract ideas become real with dozens of easy exercises that the reader can do with pencil, paper, and straightedge. This book is a must read for anyone who has ever wondered about how the universe is put together. When I first picked up this book, I was expecting something a bit more esoteric. I was delighted by the clarity and simplicity of the examples and illustrations that were used to describe the points that the author was trying to make. This book is on my short list of all-time favorites. Do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of this book today!

The Holographic Universe
by Michael Talbot
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Today nearly everyone is familiar with holograms, three dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Now, two of the world's most eminent thinkers - University of London Physicist David Bohm, a former student of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, one of the architects of our current understanding of brain function - believe that that the universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, by the human mind. This remarkable new way of looking at the universe explains not only many of the unsolved puzzles of physics, but also such mysterious occurences as telepathy, out-of-body and near-death experiences, 'lucid' dreams, and even religious and mystical experiences such as feelings of cosmic unity and miraculous healings.

We need new models of reality to fire the imagination of what is possible and to give us new visions of our place in the cosmos. The Holographic Universe does this. It is a wake-up call to wonder, an adventure in ideas. If you need to maintain your idea that science has proved that 'It's all mechanical', that there is no room in the universe for consciousness, soul, and spirit, don't read this book.

Achieving Your Full Potential

Aristotle Would Have Liked Oprah
by Ethel Diamond
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comAncient wisdom for modern-day life. How would Plato ask for a raise? Would Socrates send a cranky kid for a time out? And why would Aristotle like Oprah? By gaining an understanding of the great philosophers and their ideas, you can apply their insights to your own life and better understand yourself and the world around you. But wait! This is not your father's philosophy book! By linking the teachings of great thinkers to today's celebrities and cultural icons, this lighthearted and informative book makes philosophy accessible and fun. For instance, you will learn how to avoid faux pas and make yourself seem like an Einstein (literally!) by reciting the words of these superior minds. 'There are no facts, only interpretations' - Your reply to the boss when he asks for the report you don't have, courtesy of Nietzche. 'I am the self which I will be, in the mode of not being it' - How you justify breaking a New Year's resolution, courtesy of Sartre. 'Character is that which can do without success' - What to say when your friend gets fired, courtesy of Emerson. You will also learn how 'Bacon Brings it Home', how 'Kant Not Only Can, He Did', and why 'Heidegger Digs Seinfeld'. Whether you already know that Plato is not a pliable children's toy, or you think that Voltaire is a new line of luxury car, you will find this book to be an enlightening read and a source of advice whenever you need a direction.


Enlightenment for Beginners
Discovering the Dance of the Divine
by Chuck Hillig
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comWhen What Are You Doing In My Universe? was first published, it was immediately recognized by many New Age notables that this was a very special little book. After several earlier editions, the author has recovered the original printing rights and is now presenting this updated version under this title.

This book tells the simple story about how and why you have been cleverly imagining yourself to be a separate and limited being. Using easily understood words and drawings, Hillig invites readers to discover for themselves that they already are "WHO" it is that they have been looking for. This book can be read in 30 minutes but its impact upon reader's lives can last a lifetime. The simplicity and fun to be found in this book make it one that readers of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.


The Seat of the Soul
by Gary Zukav
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to In this extraordinary book Gary Zukav reveals that we are evolving as a species toward a consciousness that pursues 'authentic' power based on the perceptions and values of the spirit. He shows how the current pursuit of external power has led to a 'survival of the fittest' understanding of evolution that has produced generations of conflict.

Zukav shows how infusing everyday activities with reverence, compassion, and trust will make them come alive with meaning and purpose. He demonstrates how spiritual values are changing marriages into spiritual partnerships and behavioral psychology into spiritual psychology. He illustrates how this is transforming our everyday lives. It is apparent through the words he uses that Gary Zukav not only understands this process of evolution, but is consciously aligning himself with this process in order to show others how to put it into practice in their own lives.

Anatomy of the Spirit
The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Dr. Caroline Myss is an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive. This book is the result of fifteen years of research into energy medicine. It demonstrates how every illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional, mental, and spiritual stresses that influence particular areas of the human body. She presents a very convincing case for the interaction of the human body with an energy field that penetrates and surrounds it.

The most powerful part of the book for me, however, was the model of the human energy field which she presents. The model is based on a system of seven major chakras or energy 'wheels'. Each one of these chakras contains energy which represents a major stage through which every human being must pass in their search for higher consciousness and spiritual maturity. She teaches us how to use this model to develop our own intuitive abilities as we cultivate our personal power and spiritual growth. This book expresses very well many of my own thoughts and beliefs about spiritual development. My own life has been very enriched by this book and I highly recommend it.

The Creation of Health
The Emotional, Psychological,and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing
by Caroline Myss, Ph.D. and C. Norman Shealy, M.D.
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to The Creation of Health is a collaboration between a traditionally trained physician (Norman Shealy) and a medical intuitive (Caroline Myss). It illustrates the deep connection between emotional dysfunction and physical illness. It describes the role that emotional disturbances play in the most common diseases and ailments.

After providing an introduction to intuitive medicine and its history, method of diagnosis, and relationship to traditional medicine, Myss and Shealy detail the deeper emotional and psychic reasons why illness develops in the body. Dr. Shealy offers a traditional account of a particular disease or ailment, while Dr. Myss sheds light on the deeper emotional and psychic causes through her corresponding energy analysis. This book deserves a place in any seeker's library.

Dancing in the Dragon's Den
Rekindling the Creative Fire in Your Shadow
by Rosanne Bane
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to When you explore your creativity, you open the treasure chest of your unconscious. You may be surprised and delighted by the energy and joy you find buried there. You may also be surprised and dismayed to find the dragon - your shadow self - there as well, guarding the creative treasure. creativity is intimately tied to shadow, and this means you must learn to dance with your inner dragon so you can live the creative life.

Dancing in the Dragon's Den will help you discover what your shadow is, how it is connected to your creativity, and how you can use that shadow energy to rekindle your creative fire. Always encouraging, inspiring, and down-to-earth, this book will empower you to reclaim your creativity, improve your relationships, revitalize your work, and discover a fresh approach to living a full, creative life.

Dancing the Dream
The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation
by Jamie Sams
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to In Dancing the Dream Jamie Sams, author of Medicine Cards and Sacred Path Cards, offers her practical advice for living on a spiritual path. Drawing on her years of study with two Native American dreaming societies, the seven paths of transformation are based on the medicine wheel. East represents readiness for changeand illumination of spiritual synchronicity. South represents the healing of relationships and the return of trust. West represents introspection, the building of self-esteem, and personal balance. North represents the proper use of wisdom, unconditional love, and compassion. Above represents moving in the spiritual realms and viewing infinity. Below represents reconnecting with the earth and the spirit in all things. Within represents full awareness of the present moment.

Jamie Sams explains that these seven sacred paths are part of a profound awakening process. The ultimate goals of walking the seven paths are learning to heal the past, having no fear of the future, and being aware and fully present at all times. Walking the first four paths can help restore the sensitivity we embodied as children. Walking the final three paths, we can expand into universal consciousness, becoming aware of the vast levels of worlds that exist within ourselves, nature, our planet, and our universe. We discover all life is interrelated and interdependent. When we walk this truth in our daily lives, we discover that we are indeed dancing the dream.


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