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Sunan therapy has a positive impact on clients' lives and they sometimes tell us about it. These comments from clients describe in their own words the benefits they have received from Sunan therapy. Clients quoted here have kindly given permission for us to use their comments.



Dear Jana and Candace,
   Each and every day I am blessed with how I feel and relate to others since I experienced sunan therapy.  I know I have a long way to go, but doing it the sunan way is so much more quicker, and so much less painful.     I am excited to get on with more healing and growth in the not so far future.


Sunan therapy helps individuals release themselves from the self-criticisms and self-recriminations that can cripple the spirit, imprison the mind, and predispose the body to illness. I have found it a pain-free way to restore the balance within that keeps me connected with my Creator.

--Cynthia Pitre
breast cancer survivor


Sunan therapy finally helped me liberate the victim inside of me. I am now truly free to enjoy the life that was always mine.

--Melinda Nuric-Dzinic
small business owner