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Hope is in the Garden
Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love
by Candace L. Talmadge and Jana L. Simons
Review by Candace Talmadge

Go to Amazon.com Hope is in the Garden introduces an alternative healing method known as Sunan therapy. This method is very different from traditional analytical or behavioral therapy. It even differs from other, better known nontraditional approaches. Why? Sunan therapy is more complete.

This book explains how and why Sunan therapy is more complete, using actual case histories. Even more important, Hope focuses on the exciting insights into changing and healing personal and collective reality that the Sunan method teaches us. These insights include:

Healing resolution doesn't have to take as long as most of us believe, and it doesn't have to be as painful or as much of a struggle as most of us fear. Healing self actually helps the outer world because all of us are connected spiritually and emotionally through the equality of matter, energy, unconditional love and consciousness, otherwise stated as E=mc2.

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Spiritual Healing

A Psychology of Spiritual Healing
by Eugene Taylor
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com In my opinion, this book plays an important role in bridging the gap between a psychology based on a mental and biochemical model of the mind and a psychology that is based on spirituality and experience. Dr. Taylor sees new areas of research into human consciousness opening up that take us into the domain of the spirit and spiritual healing. Indeed, as he successfuly illustrates in this book, all healing is spiritual.

This book discusses the relationships between consciousness and healing, the meaning of suffering, types of healing, the role of belief, healing personalities, and resolving our issues of death. This book offers a glimpse of how our understanding of healing is evolving as we move into the twenty-first century. We see an integration of eastern and western thought into a holistic prescription for recovery and renewal.

Heal Thy Self
Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine
by Saki Santorelli
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com In this book, Saki Santorelli, director of the nationally acclaimed Stress Reduction Clinic, explores the ancient roots of medicine, and shows us how to introduce mindfulness into the crucible of the healing relationship, so that both patients and caregivers begin to acknowledge that we are all wounded and we are all whole. His approach revitalizes the dynamics of the patient/practitioner relationship. In describing the classes at the clinic and the transformation that takes plce in this alchemical process, he offers insights and effective methods for cultivating mindfulness in our everyday lives. As he reveals the inner landscape of his own life as a health care professional and we join him and those with whom he works on this journey of human suffering and courage, we become aware of and honor what is darkest and brightest within each one of us.

Healing the Aura

Hands of Light
A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field
by Barbara Ann Brennan
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com This book offers an in depth study of the human energy field - the aura - to professionals as well as to those who just want to know more about the forces and energies that permeate and surround our physical bodies. The aura is shown to be the place where the most profound and powerful human interactions take place. It is the precursor and healer of physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances and diseases.

Hands of Light offers new paradigms for health, relationships, and disease. We are given an understanding of how the aura looks, functions, becomes disturbed, is healed, and interacts with other people. We are given guidance in seeing and interpreting auras. Medically verified case studies of people with various conditions are presented. And finally, the author's personal story gives us a model for growth, courage, and possibilities for expanding our own consciousness.

The Chakras
by C.W. Leadbeater
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com Although this book was first published in 1927, today it remains a classic in its field. C.W. Leadbeater was a noted clairvoyant associated for many years with the Theosophical Society. This is the best known of his many books that he wrote on spiritual and metaphysical topics.

The Chakras Introduces the Theosophical concept of the etheric, an envelope of physical but invisible matter completely surrounding the visible physical body. This etheric matter consists of many layers. The chakras are energy vortices that connect the layers of the etheric and the physical. Leadbeater describes what a chakra is and what it does. He describes each of the seven major chakras aligned along the brain and spinal column. He discusses the flow of energy from one chakra to another and talks about Kundalini energy. Finally, the Hindu concept of chakras is discussed. This is a very good book to use as a reference. Several very good color illustrations are included.


Herbs for Health and Healing
A Drug Free Guide to Prevention and Care
by Kathi Keville
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com One of the first things I did when I got serious about the study of herbal medicine was to buy a number of reference books on the subject. This book caught my attention with its large number of pages that dealt with remedies for specific ailments. This is the level of herbal medicine that was easiest for me to understand at the time. As a novice, this book had more than enough information for the simple evaluations and treatments that I was then attempting.

This book is a very good general introduction to herbal medicine. Topics include the preparation of herbal remedies, the treatment of various ailments of the body, women's health, men's health, children's health, putting together an herbal first-aid kit, caveats and considerations, aromatherapy, skin and hair care, and cooking for health. This is a broad introduction to the medicinal use of herbs that even a beginner can understand and appreciate.

The Herbal Handbook
A Users Guide to Medical Herbalism
by David Hoffman
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com This is another book that I bought when I was first starting to learn about the use of herbs. I found the section on the actions of herbs on the body (diuretic, laxative, and sedative for example) particularly useful and comprehensive. After reading this section I had a much better appreciation for the wide range of actions created by herbs. Knowing the actions and some of the herbs that produced them made my interpretation of conditions and the decision about which herbs to use much easier. I still refer to this book today.

This is a good book for both the novice and the experienced practitioner of herbal medicine. Hoffman uses practical language to describe a wide range of herbal topics. The history and modern practice of herbalism is discussed. A reference section is included that lists the actions which herbs are known to have on the body and includes examples of herbs in each category. herbal remedies for various ailments are organized under the main systems of the body for quick and easy reference. The last section describes the growing, drying, storing, and preparation of herbs. This is a short but very useful and readable guide to a very complex subject.

The Complete Medicinal Herbal
by Penelope Ody
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com I picked this reference book up because it offered the combination of an encyclopedia and a practical guide for the use of medicinal herbs. It is a well balanced reference work ideal for the novice. It was written by one of the most well known and respected herbalists in Great Britain.

This is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to the healing properties of herbs. The book begins with a discussion of the historical uses of herbs, followed by a photographic survey of more than 120 medicinal herbs. each entry is packed with useful information the active chemicals, actions, and therapeutic applications of each plant. A how-to section is included for more than 250 safe treatments to help alleviate common complaints. This book is packed with practical information and advice.

The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants
by Andrew Chevallier
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com When I went looking for a reference that gave the most information about the largest number of herbs, this is the book I ended up with. It contains a full page of information for each of the 100 most commonly used herbs and one-third to one-fourth of a page for over 450 other herbs.

This is a fully illustrated reference guide to more than 550 of the most important medicinal plants from herbal traditions around the world. Historical and modern herbal traditions are surveyed, followed by a section where the chemical constituents, actions, research on, and the traditional and current uses of each herb is discussed. A section which discusses the growing, harvesting, and preparation of medicinal herbs is included, as well as a section that discusses herbal remedies for several ailments. This is a thorough and well balanced reference for herbal medicine.


Yoga the Iyengar Way
The new definitive illustrated guide
by Silva, Mira, & Shyam Mehta
Review by Suzanne McBride

Go to Amazon.com I've taken yoga classes off and on over many years, but the Iyengar approach to yoga is the one that finally got the message through to me about how it should 'feel' when it is done right. I learned from a teacher certified in the Iyengar way, and this is the book she recommended we get. Since I no longer attend classes, I use this book for my home practice. This book contains DETAILED instructions and photo illustrations of what the postures look and feel like when done correctly.



The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
by Valerie Ann Worwood
Review by Julie Turner

Go to Amazon.com This book is a very good reference tool for anyone practicing aromatherapy. I have found the recipes for blends very useful for general everyday use to assist with all kinds of conditions. Safety precautions and methods of use are helpful and in line with current practices I have seen elsewhere. Topics include the basic oils, as well as oils for travel, skin care, making your own perfumes, cooking, and fragrances for the home. Included are two appendices, one with various charts on the different properties of the oils, and a second appendix covering aromatherapy massage techniques.



Essential Reiki
A Complete Guide To An Ancient Healing Art
by Diane Stein
Review by Julie Turner

Go to Amazon.com This book was recommended to me by my Reiki teacher, and I can see why. It is a very comprehensive study of the healing art of Reiki, expressed in everyday language. This book covers the history of Reiki, what it is, and how to use it. This book shows you the proper hand positions and explains the uses of first, second, and third degree Reiki. All you need is someone to give you the attunements and this book shows you the rest. Reiki symbols and exercises are included, as well as inspirational stories of healing using Reiki energy.


Reiki for Beginners
by David F. Vennels
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comMillions worldwide have already benefited from the peaceful healing intelligence of Reiki. Now you can learn the basic principles of this simple hands-on technique in Reiki for Beginners. Unravel your inner mysteries, heal your wounds, and discover your potential for great happiness. Follow Reiki's development from Dr. Mikao Usui's search for a universal healing system in the 1800's to today's global Reiki community. You will find many new ideas, techniques, philosophies, and meditations that you can use to deepen and enhance your practice.

Some of the topics discussed are the cause and cure of disease, the twelve hand positions of Reiki, how to prepare for Reiki attunements, self-treatment, treating others, meditation techniques, anecdotes and advice from Reiki practitioners, and the history of Reiki.



Anyone Can Dowse for Better Health
by Arthur Bailey
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com Arthur Bailey is an electronics engineer who came to dowsing somewhat reluctantly! He could not possibly explain why or how it could work. Today, he has no doubt that dowsing does work and that anyone can do it. He has proven its power over and over again, in blind and double blind trials. Here he introduces you to the miracle of dowsing and teaches you to use it yourself. As he says in his introduction, dowsing is not a gift given just to the few. It is an innate ability present in everyone.

Learn to dowse for yourself and your family. Use dowsing to identify your personal coding system and then test yourself for food sensitivities to balance your diet for stronger health. Look at the additional minerals and supplements that, through dowsing, your system will tell you are required. and, when in need, dowse for yourself the correct alternative medicines that will help to provide a cure.

The Pendulum Workbook
by Markus Schirner
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.comIf you want to heal yourself - or others - how do you select the best way to go about it? A pendulum can tell you! Any object dangled by a string will do the job. Some say it's because your muscles, controlled by your unconscious, will make it swing in a definite direction. Others say it has to do with electrical impulses. Whatever the case, a pendulum can give you the answer you are looking for.

The Pendulum Workbook shows you how to use a pendulum, identify its movements, and check its accuracy. A series of detailed charts is provided that identifies many of the most popular and effective therapies and cures available. Use the pendulum to ask which of these choices would be best for your particular situation. A series of questions is provided to show you what kinds of questions need to be asked in order to use your pendulum most effectively.


The Other Side of Silence
Meditation for the Twenty-First Century
by Morton T. Kelsey
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com When The Other Side of Silence was published twenty years ago, it was among the first books to join together Christian meditation with Jungian psychology. This updated version draws upon the wisdom and expeiences that Kelsey has accumulated since then.

Kelsey recognized that in the West, more and more people were turning to Eastern forms of meditative practices in order to fulfill a need of spiritual intimacy in their lives. He also knew that most people were unaware of a powerful and unique Christian method of meditation that is available to anyone who wishes to use it. This Christian method of meditation can be powerful, especially for those of the Christian faith, because of the Christian imagery and symbolism that is employed. This is a practical manual for those who would like to try out this method of personally encountering the love of their Creator through meditation.

Walking a Sacred Path
Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool
by Dr. Lauren Artress
Review by Walter Parrish

Go to Amazon.com Walking the Labyrinth has re-emerged today as a metaphor for the spiritual journey and as a powerful tool for transformation. This walking meditation is an archetype, a mystical ritual found in all religious traditions. It quiets the mind and opens the mind and the soul, evoking a feeling of wholeness.

Lauren Artress has re-created the Labyrinth on canvas, modeling it after the sacred design laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in the twelfth century. Over the past several years she has introduced the Labyrinth to thousands of men and women, and observed their experiences with its power. They have emerged from their walks with a tremendous sense of peace and possibility.

Artress's book explores the historical origins of this divine imprint and shares the discoveries of modern-day seekers. It shows us the potential of the Labyrinth to inspire change and renewal in individuals and communities. It can serve as a guide to help us develop a higher level of human awareness that will benefit us as we prepare to enter the twenty-first century.


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