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At present, there are five Sunan therapies that rely on the Sunan method of healing resolution through unconditional love. The Sunan method requires its practitioners to be clear channels of healing for their clients. This means that the therapist must be open to whatever suggestions the client's guides or the non-corporeal members of the Sunan Society have to offer. All five therapies originated and are still evolving through this process. Sunan therapists are constantly amazed and energized by the creativity that flows through them when working with a client. As the therapies of the Sunan method continue to evolve, other therapies may be developed to meet more of our client's needs.

While all five of the Sunan therapies rely on the Sunan method, each one has a different focus and purpose. Therapists determine which therapy would be most helpful to their clients after doing intuitive counseling with the client and receiving input from the client's angels or guides and the non-corporeal members of the Sunan Society.

Sunan Therapy 

Sunan Therapy takes a look at all parts of self - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - and seeks to achieve a re-integration and balance between them through the elimination of self-judgment.

Past Life Resolution

Past Life Resolution is used to resolve issues affecting this life that seem to have their origins in a previous lifetime. The elimination of self-judgment surrounding this issue is the goal.

Aspect Therapy

Aspect Therapy looks at seven levels of consciousness - or aspects of self - and seeks to bring about a better understanding of each one and a higher level of cooperation among them. Elimination of self-judgment does not play a primary role here.

Contra-Vow Therapy

Contra-Vow Therapy looks at the promises or vows we have made to ourselves that are actively hindering our self-growth. The elimination of these vows allows for accelerated self-growth to occur.

God's Garden

God's Garden takes a look at our relationship with our Creator. Healing conversations with our Creator allow for a deeper understanding of this relationship, and consequently, our relationship with all of Creation.

We invite those interested in knowing more about the Sunan method, the various Sunan therapies, intuitive counseling or the Sunan Society to contact any of the Sunan therapists listed in this website. Those interested in Sunan training are welcome to contact the Sattva Institute.