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Sunan Method Training

Intuitive Art: Azu the HealerThe purpose of the Sunan internship at the Sattva Institute is to train Sunan therapists through extensive theoretical background in this powerful alternative psychotherapy as well as through practical experience in it.

The institute encourages all graduates of its Sunan internship to become both practicing therapists and researchers who are open to bringing through more of this rapidly evolving spiritual technology of healing resolution through unconditional love.

Sunan therapies are not for most of us. They take a high level of commitment to self. This is true to a far greater extent for the Sunan therapist.

Would-be Sunan therapists make a conscious choice to live a life of accelerated self-growth and self-examination as a result of working in the energy of human consciousness and the spiritual healing environment. Would-be Sunan therapists also resolve to give up judgment to the best of their ability and to be a clear channel.

These resolutions are not easy to keep and will be tested many times during the Sunan internship and as the new therapist moves into professional practice.

To ensure that each participant in the Sunan internship has the best possible chance at succeeding, the institute's cofounders, Jana Simons and Candace Talmadge, have set two admission requirements. The first requirement is successfully completing Soul Search.

Soul Search teaches the basics required for any Sunan therapist. These are how to read energy with guidance and direction and how to be a clear channel. Soul Search also gives the institute's cofounders the chance to get to know and evaluate candidates for the internship.

Completing Soul Search does NOT, however, of itself guarantee a place in the institute's Sunan internship. The second requirement is a face-to-face admissions interview with the cofounders. We ask applicants why they want to become Sunan therapists and listen to their answers with great care. We also review their week in Soul Search. We consult with Dr. Sunan, the developer
of Sunan therapy, and the Sunan Society before making an admission decision.

Candidates with the best chance of being admitted are those who, during their Soul Search week, displayed the ability to be a clear channel and to set judgment aside while reading the human energy field. The best candidates also approach their mission as a Sunan therapist out of a genuinely loving desire to heal and to be of service.

To the best of its cofounders' ability, this institute will deny admission to anyone whose motivation is based on the unloving desire for self-aggrandizement or to control or manipulate others. Sunan is very powerful and can be very dangerous if misused.

Course of Study

The Sunan internship continues over a period of about six to eight months. Participants can expect to spend about five weeks (including Soul Search) in residential classes at the institute. The internship is divided into four segments. Following is an outline of the internship and a brief course review for each segment.

Sunan therapy

Intuitive Art: A master HealerThis first week covers the four bodies, how Sunan therapy works in all four and the therapy's development. Characteristics of the four soul senses and how they correspond to the four bodies and play a role in therapy. Faulty thought patterns in the chakras and the link between body, mind, heart and spirit. Students undergo Sunan therapy as both client and therapist and are taught the etiquette of professional practice as a therapist.

Skims and past-life resolution

This portion of the internship covers how to conduct follow-up sessions of Sunan therapy, which are also known as skims. It includes a separate technique for past-life resolution using the subjective altered state. Students learn how to determine whether a client needs a skim or past-life resolution.

Aspect therapy and meeting guides

The seven major chakras are covered in depth. Aspect therapy and God's garden are taught as separate techniques. Students also learn how to take clients to meet their guides.

Contra-vow therapy

The final phase of the Sunan internship teaches contra-vow therapy. This is the
Sunan technique for finding and releasing vows that are lodged in the spiritual body and are causing painful cycles of self-destructive behavior as well as hindering spiritual growth. As with all other segments, students undergo this technique as client and as therapist.

Upon successfully completing all segments of the internship, graduates receive a certificate in Sunan therapy, Past-Life Resolution, Aspect therapy and Contra-vow therapy. They also receive a professionally written and typeset template for a brochure that discusses all of these therapies as well as meeting guides and intuitive counseling. The brochure template has space for the
therapist's name, address and phone number.

Graduates may copy the brochure onto paper they find attractive and hand it out to those who express interest in the therapy as a way to promote themselves.