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Walter Parrish

I have been a Sunan therapist since 1990, helping clients to remove obstacles from their lives and reclaim the power they were created to exercise. As a therapist and as a healer, it is very satisfying to me when clients are able to get new insights into the forces that motivate and control their lives. It is even more exciting to see them use these insights to make significant life changes. Seeing these changes in my clients continually motivates me and reminds me of the reasons that initially drew me to the therapies of the Sunan Process.


What is the Sunan Process?

Sunan is a remarkable group of therapies that can provide insight and understanding into the forces that shape your daily life and influence the choices and decisions you make. Many levels of a personís being are explored. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation and healing can occur through the processes of forgiveness and release.

The Sunan process takes place in a light altered state of consciousness similar to meditation or prayer. As a client you will fully participate in the process of your own healing and will retain details of the session in conscious memory after the therapy has been completed. A prerequisite to the Sunan Process is commitment to self growth. Your therapist will help you to examine decisions and issues that are currently active in your life. Forgiveness of self and others, and the release of growth restricting energy patterns are some of the goals your therapist can help you to achieve.

Sunan can work to bring about many life changes. It can heal emotional and spiritual distress, replace destructive thought patterns with creative ones, and bring about integration and cooperation among all levels of a personís being. Although no one can provide any guarantees, Sunan can promote the well being of the physical body by changing or removing nonphysical factors of physical diseases and imbalances.

Therapy for each client is unique and personal. Each session is conducted privately with only you and your therapist present. Therapy is scheduled after an initial consultation with the therapist. Depending on the client's needs, any one of the five therapies that rely on the Sunan process of healing resolution through unconditional love may be chosen.


My Introduction to the Sunan Method

In January 1989 I went to a New Years Day Psychic Fair looking for a little entertainment. I ended up meeting two people who would help me change the course of my life. I was working at that time in the research division of a large semiconductor firm in Dallas, Texas. At age 36 I had a rewarding career in high technology research and development. In my heart, however, I knew that there had to be more to my life than developing smaller and faster silicon technology. From the moment I met them, I was struck by how different Jana Simons and Candace Talmadge seemed from the other vendors at the fair. I felt comfortable with them as they demonstrated a psychic art technique which allowed them to relate information to me from a picture that they had me draw. The technique was interesting but it was the sincerity of the two women that impressed me most. Jana and Candace invited me to an evening of sharing at the Sattva Institute. As Co-founders of the Institute, Candace and Jana hosted the evening of sharing. I also met some of the Sunan Therapists who had been trained at the Institute. The therapists I talked with seemed to be genuinely interested in me without judging me or my beliefs. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt very much at home at the Institute. As Jana, Candace, and the other therapists shared their experiences with Sunan Therapy I found myself thinking that it just might be the key I was looking for to unlock the potentials that I knew existed inside me but could not access. They told me that Sunan is a fast and powerful therapy for self-discovery and self-growth that is entirely determined by the client's readiness to grow. I liked the idea of only working with issues I was prepared to deal with. I made an appointment with one of the therapists and soon experienced the power of the Sunan Method for myself.

Before I could fully embrace Sunan Therapy, I found myself confronting many challenges to my beliefs and my concepts of reality. The Sunan therapists that I had talked with spoke of spirit guides and past lives in such a casual and matter-of-fact manner. I was familiar with these ideas, but had not previously taken the time to seriously consider them. Why did I feel so threatened by them now? The therapist that I had chosen explained to me that it was the information received during Sunan Therapy that was important. He told me that the Sunan experience would be perceived differently by each person and that no two sessions of Sunan would be alike. He said that if I could be open to receiving the information, it would come to me in a manner that I could accept and would make me comfortable. I went into my first experience with Sunan Therapy having many questions about the process itself, but knowing that I wanted answers to these and to many questions about my life.

I was very pleasantly surprised by my first Sunan experience. After an initial consultation, it was decided that I would undergo the three initial sessions of Sunan Therapy. My therapist made me feel quite comfortable and I was able to move easily into the light altered state of consciousness which makes the Sunan Method so effective. With a little guidance and coaching from the therapist, I was soon receiving information for myself. He expanded the information I was receiving and helped me to understand it from several different perspectives. Before long, I was so carried away by all the information I was getting that he had to 'reel me in' and help me focus on only a small part of it. Then the real work began. He took me into my heart energy, which appeared to me as a large and very beautiful garden. The energy here was light and felt very loving, but there was also a very disturbing quality to some of it. Here I was presented with judgments and expectations which were influencing my life. After examining these, I decided to release them and to make new decisions about my life. I was able to forgive both myself and others for feelings, thoughts, and actions which had been misunderstood. I was able to release the faulty thought patterns which caused the misunderstandings. I reclaimed the power that I had given away to others and released the power which others had given away to me. At the end of the third and last session, I felt less fear, more confidence, and more power.


I Become a Sunan Therapist

Shortly after my first Sunan, I began to attend classes at the Sattva Institute. I began to learn techniques for working with energy and receiving information from the energy which permeates and surrounds the human body. I was introduced to my own spirit guides and began communicating with them. In the Soul Search class I learned about how to receive information from another person's guides when doing Intuitive Counseling. The idea of past lives and reincarnation was also becoming more comfortable to me. I began to realize that the past lives I had experienced through Sunan Therapy were valid for the information and the healing resolution that they had given to me regardless of whether they were memories based on actual events. I also began to learn and use many new techniques which helped to accelerate my own self growth. Becoming a Sunan Therapist seemed like a natural next step. In July 1989 I entered the Sunan Therapist Internship program at the Sattva Institute. In March 1990 I received certification as a Sunan Therapist.


Some of my Other Interests

Between 1991 and 1993, I made several trips to the island of Kauai in Hawaii to receive training from Serge King and Susan Floyd at Aloha International. This training consisted of a number of topics, including Hawaiian shaman techniques, healing techniques, Hawaiian (lomi-lomi) massage, Huna (the mystery tradition of the ancient Hawaiians), and Hawaiian myths and folklore. Interestingly, the techniques taught in the ancient tradition assume the use of psychic senses is commonplace. While the techniques rely on connecting psychically with the client or with one's surroundings, the knowledge of how to use the senses is not taught separately. I learned a deep respect for nature and the environment while I was there, and I learned many useful techniques for tapping into the connection with nature and with each other that is innate in all of us. I have incorporated many of these techniques into my daily routine and when working with clients.

The Hawaiian philosophy of Huna has had a very great influence on my life. This philosophy, as articulated by Serge King, combines some of the principles that I have long held to be true with some that I had not really considered. I have tried to incorporate these principles into everything that I do. Dr. King says the Huna philosophy can be expressed as seven principles. I include them here because I am in agreement with the ideas they represent. They are also compatible with the goals and ideals of Sunan Therapy. These are the seven principles as listed in his book, Urban Shaman, Copyright © 1990:

IKE - "The world is what you think it is"

Corollary: Everything is a Dream
Corollary: All systems are arbitrary

KALA - "There are no limits"

Corollary: Everything is connected
Corollary: Anything is possible
Corollary: Separation is a useful illusion

MAKIA - "Energy flows where attention goes"

Corollary: Attention goes where energy flows
Corollary: Everything is energy

MANAWA - "Now is the moment of power"

Corollary: Everything is relative
Corollary: Power increases with sensory attention

ALOHA - "To love is to be happy with"

Corollary: Love increases as judgment decreases
Corollary: Everything is alive, aware, and responsive

MANA - "All power comes from within"

Corollary: Everything has power
Corollary: Power comes from authority

PONO - "Effectiveness is the measure of truth"

Corollary: There is always another way to do anything

My practice is located in Richardson, Texas. I enjoy meeting new people and would love to hear from you, especially if you have questions or comments about the Sunan Method. I am also the web master for this site. 

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